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I have over 600 things to read in my Google Reader and 3 other people to share the machine with. So I have no time for anything else on the ‘puter.

But this! I love Emily the Strange AND Jones Soda, so when they come together for a limited time (applying limited to anything makes it 75-100% better) I WANT IT. If only I still lived in the promised land.


duh my laptop hates me so it’s dead for real now, can’t get it working nor even want to try. Just needs a new hard drive, that’s all. But I don’t want to shell out that money unless I absolutely must. Rather save up for a macbook (which btw costs like 3x what it costs in the US). Today I went to my university to some Orientation thing which was completely useless until I got out.



Tomorrow got camera practice at church, plus some people are coming over to visit my mom and my dad’s gon’ make patacones. Wednesday I go to school again to get a tour of the university, and Kahlil comes to give Ame her drum lessons and M comes to listen along. Thursday we have more cam/sound practice. Friday, nothing.  Saturday in the morning production course at church aaaaaaaaand Sunday is actual church.


Ah yes, the beloved hamster..


What did you dooooo?! We do not OWN this apartment!!


The following photographed pieces I call Evidence Of My Father. My dad’s back from his stunt as a fast-food seller in Maracaibo to find a job here, in the city we actually live in. He may continue being a foast-foodie or question marks.





Massive amounts of one food product is not comon here in Venezuela so..that’s why I took a picture of it? Ugh, it’s not common anywhere, unless you have some sort of food business and keep your stash at home.


Must have been a nice business.

And now, completely switching topics by way of a picture, Ame got her first drum lessons yesterday. I kept trying to record the guy playing the drums but my laptop mic WILL NOT WORK. Whatever, he’s good and her practice makes me cringe because ugh I remember why I quit the piano so many moons ago. Repetitive. Motion. (of the fingers)


Good luck to her, though!



List of movies awaiting my viewership:

  • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (only read the script back in dial-up days. I would copy and paste it as a .doc and read it offline, love it.)
  • Pan’s Labyrinth (it won some awards, right?)
  • The Other Boleyn Girl (never read the book)

I want this camera so badddd…it’s so cheap! I’ll see what I can do, but I have no dollars, only Venezuelan currency and don’t know if our contact in the U.S. would be willing to do the transaction (without me having to spend all of my money).


I used to write down all the things Nook/Able sisters had in their shop so I could check to see if I had them in my catalog.


Hah, I installed Ubuntu on my laptop. I mean, I couldn’t do anything when it had Vista, way too slow so I tried like a gazillion times to put Ubuntu on it from this old cd I’d burned, and on the gazillionth time it worked.


Ditched it cuz it wouldn’t play dvd’s, had to install an extension and I don’t have wifi and my modem wouldn’t be recognized..



These are so cute! If only cuz ame’s character has them in Animal Crossing.


The iDog that I use as dust-collector.


Trying to light bulbs and alarms. Worked! Felt smart.


Someone doesn’t like to get their picture taken.


And someone else loves to look adorable! while sleeping.

I absolutely love this kind of day. It’s post-rainy morning, still cloudy, everyone in the apartment is sleeping or quietly doing their own thing.  There’s a breeze coming through the living room. The cars outside are not honking. (Ok just now a car alarm went off but it’s off now! Didn’t even have to wait 10 minutes) All’s to be heard are the car tires splashing along on the street.

Makes me want to curl up on my bed, read a book and eat yummy sweet things.

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